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happy new year 2011

These are sabre beans
with contrasted background it is clear.

narrow path

Abandoned narrow path!

Always thought of taking this picture
So took this pic yesterday in college,
i liked the view of narrow path 
Looks like abandoned!

inside a well

This is a pic of well,
you could see the reflection of sky in the water
and also me:)

Questions and answers

I got few mails from the followers and thereby, i'm answering those.

One thing to be known on mobile photography?
First of all get to know about your mobile like the features of megapixel,zoom,flash,two way lenses etc. Be clear to your subject. What can be done and what cannot be done.

I don't travel a lot, will i be successful in this field?
I guess so, In this field you need to travel a lot. Unless you travel you will not get new views,scenary otherwise one point of a time you will be bored for sure.

Out of curiosity how did you get many visits?
At the beginning i was lonely, i didn't know what to do. Then searching in google gave me the way, i used  So many people from all over the world are having a look on this site. whatever you do the site will be ranked only through good content.

If i start a mobile photography blog will u give suggestions?
sure. i don't have ego or something. i too asked few bloggers to see my blog and give their comments. Those comments made me to grow. I will do the same thing to u.

What are your other interests?
Now i love to pencil sketch.

What is your secret of success?
Imagination. Coz in photography one have to imagine a lot to show the different views.

little flower

Sorry for the late post,
i had exams till 9th,
i took this pic in my garden
it is cute.

In motion

Wen u see this pic u do not understand wat it is,
It was a heavy rain,
A very fast car smashed through the streets,
i took this pic in motion,
u could see the light travelling in his way,
and also it's reflection.

my name

A fashion designer has visited my blog,
He liked the works of photography,
He wrote my name in my diary,
Raghavendra to Rockavendra.

50th blog post

This is my 50th blog post
many blog followers asked me,
to take a pic of sunset,
hope this is good.


 This pic taken in my college
i liked the view from this angle
i have a problem of over exposure of images
i'll try to avoid it


As there was rain in my city,
thought of taking reflections in water,
As i am not editing,
i give u what i took!!!

drops of rain

I was busy walking to college,
There was little rain in the city,
i saw this beautiful rain drops flowing through the plant,
took a crystal clear shot. 


I was trying to shoot something new in this blog.
hope the background was good.
And thanks for many visits in the blog

happy navarathri

Took this pic yesterday night in my friend's home.
 a small decorative work done by friend

dragon fly

Took this picture yesterday at 12:00
i was busy walking to catch a bus,
i saw a dragon fly,
it sat for a minute,
i took a shot from back view,
thought of taking a shot from front view, 
but it flew the other minute :(

cat again!!!

Took this pic in afternoon.
on post of kitten kutti i received a comment,
that the background is not good,
i hope the background is good in this pic.


Q.why you do not post many posts in a month?
A. Photography blogs are different from other blogs, coz only if i have taken pics i can post them. And i cannot deviate to other topics.
Q. What is your inspiration?
A. There are lot of people. I have inspired by Jay dickman and Jay kinghorn, the best photographers ever and inspired by friends.
Q. What photos u would like to take in future?
A. There is a lot like puppies, mountains,festivals and the list goes on..
Q.Which picture is the best according to you?
A. I like the picture of candle light
Q.can you write an article on mobile photography?
A. yes. i will write soon.
Q.Wat is photography to u?
A. It is the only thing that gives peace to me. "pictures are the showcases of memory".
Q.Do you really encourage people on mobile photography?
A. First of all, i got inspired by friends and few of my class mates got inspired by my works. And they too have started blogging. all the best for their works and now i have competitors :)
Q. Do u have supporters?
A. one friend and my mom were the best supporters i have.
Q. Any books to learn photography?
A. There are lots and lots of books, "perfect digital photography" by jay dickman.
I have given honest answers, one thing i learned from photography is peace, whenever i feel depressed and i see these pics i feel happy. one good suggestion to bloggers is to have patience and that makes all the difference.

what u think abt this??

This pic again taken in college,
few friends were engaged talking,
while asusual i was seeing any beautiful sight,
and found this one.

kitten kutti in open sky

fine evening and i focused it different way.
this kitten is 2 months old.
it barely stood and i took a shot.

kitten kutti

my friend bought a kitten.
i thought to take a pic of it.
his name is kitten kutti
related posts: pose of cat,fat cat

sun after rain

After a huge rain in my city
sun glowed up
that too between the two trees!!!

candle light

No one was in my home this morning,
So i thought of doing some experiments,
i took a tumbler and covered with flour,
and lighted a candle,
As the room was dark it showed the rays,
In the first pic u could see the rays surrounding it,
second pic shot from top angel.
[comments are invited]

lookin good..

I shot this pic in college[vit]
More or less looks like a natural scenary
These 3 plants, the spacing between them was good.

1000 visits

Hi guys,
Blog has reached 1000 visits and counting..
Thanks to followers,readers,commentator,subscribers,and friends.
You made this blog more popular.
Met 7 followers online today, and they  told lizard in garden ,different shapes and sun rise were the best pic.
"whatever the successful person says becomes a quote
and no one to hear the loser's words" 

one fine evening

Street  Photography

when i saw the clouds,it appeared in a different shape. When u see the image, it tends to be larger.The different colors and depth of clouds made it good

vinayakar chathurthi

 At vinayaka was brought to vellore.
There were more than 1000 vinayaka today.
There will be 1000 more tomo
we bought this and it is normal size.
decorated one
today for the first time,
i told the 108 slogans of ganesha.
[happy vinayagar chaturthi]


Nice layout and good light.
paved me the way to a good scenary

little drop of rain

At first instance of seeing this picture, u get a feeling of what it is. see at the bottom, you can see a rain drop on clip. Basically a pic makes a few imaginations come alive that is the best thing on photography. It makes me grow and i have hope that i've traveling in right direction.I would like to give the readers and followers a exciting experience and pic to remember. hope you guys like it.

my first drawing-dexter's laboratory

This is my first drawing
i like this cartoon very much
In my school days i usually watch it

what these birds r thinkin???

[This is my 25th post]
i took this pic in early morning.
when ur taking a pic your background matters a lot.
As different colored or plain background makes your picture more clear to the subject!!!

sun rise with rainy clouds

i thought to cover more space
sun rays and black clouds makes this picture beautiful!!!

experiment in angles

I love this angle
I always like to experiment in angles. Have two coconut trees in home, Thought of taking it from low to high. Now it is unique :)


i like the view. took the pic from 2nd floor. hopefully covered all i wanted!