dragon fly

I was roaming in top floor. Saw a dragon fly hanging took a very close shot

Do you like my view on photography

The art of photography is real simple by eyes and very trouble in taking a perfect shot; I agree that our eye is the best in all aspects but photographs showcases the moment and that’s how photography lives forever!
what is your view? 

trees like a family

i took this picture long back. trees are like a family :) hope you like the subject

branches with no leaves

Freaky branches
This picture is taken early morning, where the branches were little freaked. Clouds is were i got attracted.

early morning sunshine

early morning sun shine
morning @6am

I am getting up early everyday for work and here is the proof :)

Art works of Temple in vellore

art works of temple in vellore
colorful temple
This was my last day on vellore. I have to go to chennai for work. I always love the art works of temple.

black and white photo of cat

black and white photography of a cat
cat's pose
I took a walk around my home. A cat was looking at me very strangely. It kept his tail waving on the side. I basically liked the cat's look.

3 pink rose flowers in a row

3 pink rose flowers
Nature's beauty unveiled
One of my friend showed me the pictures taken by his mobile Nokia N95. I loved this picture. So posting his picture here.Three pink roses it is lovely :)

Trees inside a building

using trees inside a building
welcome to the nature

Usually there might be lawn inside the buildings but trees inside? it is just welcoming the nature. found this interesting :)

Techology tower building in vit college

technology tower building in vit
Last week my convocation got complete. I am out of college now that makes me sad :( so took this bizarre building structure in vit college.

sunset with colorful sky in vit

sunset with colorful sky
sunset in vit college
Took this picture long back, Thought of posting it today. After the classes were over and we walked all the way. Beautiful sunset with colorful sky, all were stunned by looking this

Google hangout on building successful photography blogs with david and patrick

Google+ made a hangout recently with david hobby and patrick smith regarding how to build a successful photography blogs. Watched their video they have given some information and shared their experiences in photography blogs. guys you can check out the video

Like this angle of cat?

experimenting on angles with a cat
He is taking a picture, jump!
I always have interest on 'experimenting in angles'. Few may understand from the picture. Cat trying to jump on the ground to the left and the picture is taken in angle of right.

delicious food by grand mother

delicious food by grand mother
Grand mother's preparation
This is the first time talking about food in this blog! My grand mother came to visit us. This is her preparation. And my mom is jealous of taste :)

sparrow in home

I was in upstairs. Heard some cute sounds from birds all around home. Took this picture of a sparrow Sunbird through glass window. It looks like angry bird :)

old and beautiful temple in vellore

old and beautiful temple in vellore
arts lies in temple

I was walking my way to home. saw this beautiful old temple. Every country has a place for arts and architecture, in India it lies in the temple. By the way temple is near to vellore.

we are dangerous

wall painting of dangerous people
Gang leaders
Went to college yesterday, saw few wall paintings of a gangster. It looks like Frankenstein monster. And it was a long time posted a wall paintings. you want to see more of the arts here.

next door girl goes a ride

next door girl goes a ride
cycling all the way

Well guys did you like the redesign of this blog? My next door girl is going for a ride in cycle. It was fun to watch like how she sat on it :) and as usual black and white captures the moments!

Two clibs

made for each other
After one week posting a picture sorry for the very late post. Went to chennai and it was totally different from my place. Too much of crowds, traffic and sun. Came to my home, Saw this two clibs looks like they are made for each other

beautiful sunshine in school

Took a walk in early morning, saw this beautiful sun shine i was stunned. It was little dark. Sun shine is so bright. Rays passing the trees made it more beautiful.

wondering what to do

Just wondering what to do next. saw the fan in my room. what is it with the fan everyone has it. But the angle i saw was very different, Took this picture in black and white mode.

Mobile photography blog reached 50000 visits

The mobile photography started in 2010, reached it's 50000 visits. Through this blog photography has become a part of my daily life.started taking pictures in home, after gaining some confidence went out. Met few photographers gave some tips and comments to make me grow. I did not know where i am going but the response i received in 100th post were the best and the story through pictures were more encouraging. The followers and comments made me grow.

It is a long journey
Thanks for being a part of it

clever fruit vendor apple in vellore?

Tied in branch

As i am taking a walk at 6 am. Found an apple in the tree. First nothing striked me, then i realized apples do not grow in Vellore, So went close and found he tied the apple to a branch. Then the fruit vendor who was hiding came near me and said Just a creative way of selling fruits.

what picture you took first?

Received email from followers saying that nowadays you are not asking Questions? 
Got interested in answering your questions it was fun actually, it was a longtime i asked questions here. 
I am asking one of my curious questions

branches of tree in open sky

beautifully shaped Tree
First of all this is not a painting :) You might wonder 'why did u take this?'
Main thing i got attracted is the subject and not it's beauty. The little red flowers in the open sky. when u look in the middle, you can see a football shape. 

wonders missed in home

when we bought the first camera, we started taking pictures in home. After we had enough confidence, we started moving out, traveling,go out of the realm. But ever thought of coming back to home? Here are some tips to get started.

For the subscribers

Hello people,

I have received several mails from the readers, subscribers and followers saying that pictures are not displayed in email. So i have made a new feed in the feed burner. There is a gadget in the right side, you can fill your email and get every picture. Thanks for your support. 

full view of sun flower

Sun flower
Previously posted a picture of bee collecting nectar from sun flower, I received few emails telling that want to see full view of sun flower. So went to college and took a full view of it. The pollens are also visible.

Sunshine on don bosco school

Took this picture today at 6am in the morning. As it was early in the morning, beautiful sunshine could be seen, This is Don Bosco school near vellore. The picture is a little dark apologies for it.

Beautiful lily flower in pond

Well, Took this picture yesterday in college. Thanks to few friends who told that beautiful lily flowers are in college. The colors were amazing in this flower.

beautiful water fountain in vit

Took this picture long back. There will always be crowd near to the place, as i took it in afternoon not many were standing near it. hope you like this picture

God everywhere

From yesterday i take a walk in the morning for 1hr. Smelling the refreshing air, watching school buses, people buying newspapers, opening shops, Rangoli too. In one home i saw they are worshiping god they made a rock and few flowers on the top with a small rangoli. 

Bee collecting nectar from sunflower

Today lots of sun flowers have been planted in college. This is the first time i am seeing a sun flower. Took this picture at 11:30, it is beautiful to see all the sun flowers facing the sun. Waited for awhile bee to come for collecting nectar.

colors reflected in jar

After walking 5 kilometers, enjoyed the evening beauty in vellore. Because it is too hot in the morning, Drank plenty of water after walking. And i noticed this beautiful colors that are reflected. Took a quick snap.

Talk with nature and you are welcome

Chit chat with nature
This picture is taken in college (hostel). A Gang of three roaming in and around. We thought of sitting somewhere to chit chat. One of my friend have bought a new mobile Nokia X2-00. From his mobile i took this picture. Clarity is good in this mobile.

two crows in lawn

Too much of work in college, came to the lawn to get some fresh air. The shadow of tree fall on the lawn. One crow sat on the shadow and other was enjoying the sun.

sleeping beauty of puppy

I have taken a picture of puppy long back. But the thing is i like to show different pose. The puppy is 3 months old and the running style is splendid. Now the puppy is turned into a rockstar!

camel in vellore

vellore is hot, camel knows it
I was in my friends home. wondering what to do next.  Came down the street, saw a camel!     This is the first time i am seeing it. So that confirms vellore is hot and here is the proof!

before and after the climate change

Took the first picture long back. The second one i took a day before. It appears as a theme. Beautiful pink flowers are always the cute. Few girls too took a picture. It is beautiful to know that how much nature provides us and how much we do to nature!

kids feeding the goat

I always like the black and white photographs. Thing i like in black and white photography is "lets the subject speak".

abstract images in daily life

Bricks with cement
shapes of shadows
I always thought of posting some abstract images. So most of the abstract images are of buildings, paintings in room and water layers. Thought of posting abstract images that we see in our daily life.

happy holi 2012

Happy holi to all. There was few colorful paintings and drawings done in my college. Many drawings were good, but this had a message in it 
"don't be aggressive
play safe holi"

signs of summer

Had a chat with few of my friends in college. It turned into a long talk. Starting from politics, company and a lot more.After a long talk, our eyes started gazing and we found we are covered with dry leaves. The summer has started!

Empty bus stop

After the chit-chat is over, I was waiting for the bus. But fortunately or unfortunately there was no one except me. My eyes glued to this fine bricks, beautifully placed in right shapes and appropriate positions. The brick at the right hand corner was broken, yeah it messed up the beauty.

Parking area

This picture is taken in my college. After signing the attendance sheet, friends usually wander near the parking area. When we have done enough chat, I saw this small lawn. I have found that on one side you can see the nature(lawn) and on the other side we have man-made vehicles. And a path that divides both :)

Wall painting of day and night

There are some beautiful paintings have been drawn in college.There were many pictures, But this one is depicting a lot. Picture resembles a lot of inner meanings. It also looks like heaven and hell.


I was wandering here and there to figure out something new. Saw this lock and water drops in it. Guessed that i never taken a picture of lock. It appears as water is locked. As here is summer even the lock wants water :)

My garden

Every time there is a picture of garden, it is the flowers,fruits and plants. On a small assignment i have made a picture of garden such a way that the facing upwards from the ground. The closed ones appear to blurry but the far ones falling sun shine made more fantasy stuff.

Bokeh lights

Bokeh lights is not a new stuff to people. It can be seen at Christmas trees and parties. I went to friend's home, it is newly constructed. The blue variations on the wall could be found. As the door closes, the sun shine of the sleek door felled on the wall. It turned into Bokeh!

True love of a puppy

As you can see puppies in this picture are diseased. The brown colored one cannot walk now, the black colored puppy takes care of him. When people give food, it gives to the other one and its left over is alone is eaten by the black one. Each day it tries to make him walk. Eyes of the puppy tells the story :(

colorful painting of girl listening to songs

At last post i showed the picture of fine art of women. This time showing you the picture of a girl. This painting is also painted at riviera 4 students it took 4 hours to paint. Awesome colors makes it more attractive!

Basket ball game action photography

As Riviera cultural event is taking place in vit. Me and my friends went to see the basket ball game between vit chennai vs vit vellore!

I always like action photography. I have taken few pictures of action photographs before, but this is the first time i am taking a sports photographs. 
I went back and forth, sorry for that.
Many tell me that "taking pictures of sports, is indeed a best action!"