Parking area

This picture is taken in my college. After signing the attendance sheet, friends usually wander near the parking area. When we have done enough chat, I saw this small lawn. I have found that on one side you can see the nature(lawn) and on the other side we have man-made vehicles. And a path that divides both :)

Wall painting of day and night

There are some beautiful paintings have been drawn in college.There were many pictures, But this one is depicting a lot. Picture resembles a lot of inner meanings. It also looks like heaven and hell.


I was wandering here and there to figure out something new. Saw this lock and water drops in it. Guessed that i never taken a picture of lock. It appears as water is locked. As here is summer even the lock wants water :)

My garden

Every time there is a picture of garden, it is the flowers,fruits and plants. On a small assignment i have made a picture of garden such a way that the facing upwards from the ground. The closed ones appear to blurry but the far ones falling sun shine made more fantasy stuff.

Bokeh lights

Bokeh lights is not a new stuff to people. It can be seen at Christmas trees and parties. I went to friend's home, it is newly constructed. The blue variations on the wall could be found. As the door closes, the sun shine of the sleek door felled on the wall. It turned into Bokeh!

True love of a puppy

As you can see puppies in this picture are diseased. The brown colored one cannot walk now, the black colored puppy takes care of him. When people give food, it gives to the other one and its left over is alone is eaten by the black one. Each day it tries to make him walk. Eyes of the puppy tells the story :(

colorful painting of girl listening to songs

At last post i showed the picture of fine art of women. This time showing you the picture of a girl. This painting is also painted at riviera 4 students it took 4 hours to paint. Awesome colors makes it more attractive!

Basket ball game action photography

As Riviera cultural event is taking place in vit. Me and my friends went to see the basket ball game between vit chennai vs vit vellore!

I always like action photography. I have taken few pictures of action photographs before, but this is the first time i am taking a sports photographs. 
I went back and forth, sorry for that.
Many tell me that "taking pictures of sports, is indeed a best action!"

fine drawing of women at riviera 2012

After a long time i am posting a drawing. We are celebrating riviera 2012 in college. Many fine art competition took place. This portrait of women was cool and it took 4 hours for drawing. A women drew it. Charcoal and color crayons were used.

Exploring the Nature in evening

First of all this picture is not taken in black and white. Picture appears to be a shadow of the tree, but it is not. You could also see birds in the tree. Picture is taken around 5:30pm So it is turning dark, different shades of sky is visible.

The sun is visible in the center of the tree. Rays of the sun is too visible!