wondering what to do

Just wondering what to do next. saw the fan in my room. what is it with the fan everyone has it. But the angle i saw was very different, Took this picture in black and white mode.

Mobile photography blog reached 50000 visits

The mobile photography started in 2010, reached it's 50000 visits. Through this blog photography has become a part of my daily life.started taking pictures in home, after gaining some confidence went out. Met few photographers gave some tips and comments to make me grow. I did not know where i am going but the response i received in 100th post were the best and the story through pictures were more encouraging. The followers and comments made me grow.

It is a long journey
Thanks for being a part of it

clever fruit vendor apple in vellore?

Tied in branch

As i am taking a walk at 6 am. Found an apple in the tree. First nothing striked me, then i realized apples do not grow in Vellore, So went close and found he tied the apple to a branch. Then the fruit vendor who was hiding came near me and said Just a creative way of selling fruits.

what picture you took first?

Received email from followers saying that nowadays you are not asking Questions? 
Got interested in answering your questions it was fun actually, it was a longtime i asked questions here. 
I am asking one of my curious questions

branches of tree in open sky

beautifully shaped Tree
First of all this is not a painting :) You might wonder 'why did u take this?'
Main thing i got attracted is the subject and not it's beauty. The little red flowers in the open sky. when u look in the middle, you can see a football shape. 

wonders missed in home

when we bought the first camera, we started taking pictures in home. After we had enough confidence, we started moving out, traveling,go out of the realm. But ever thought of coming back to home? Here are some tips to get started.

For the subscribers

Hello people,

I have received several mails from the readers, subscribers and followers saying that pictures are not displayed in email. So i have made a new feed in the feed burner. There is a gadget in the right side, you can fill your email and get every picture. Thanks for your support. 

full view of sun flower

Sun flower
Previously posted a picture of bee collecting nectar from sun flower, I received few emails telling that want to see full view of sun flower. So went to college and took a full view of it. The pollens are also visible.

Sunshine on don bosco school

Took this picture today at 6am in the morning. As it was early in the morning, beautiful sunshine could be seen, This is Don Bosco school near vellore. The picture is a little dark apologies for it.