In motion

Wen u see this pic u do not understand wat it is,
It was a heavy rain,
A very fast car smashed through the streets,
i took this pic in motion,
u could see the light travelling in his way,
and also it's reflection.


  1. one of your best pictures

  2. Preethi is trolling, as this is a terrible "photograph."

    1. Hello anonymous,

      i have been a follower of this blog since 2010. There might be pictures of this kind, taken in a dslr. have u ever seen this kind of pictures taken in a mobile.

  3. it was difficult to take.
    It depends on what you see.
    only few like experimenting in pictures.
    many like beautiful pictures.
    However this picture gets maximum page visits
    Thanks for commenting i will take beautiful pics
    You can check out on popular pictures in this blog at the people found interesting column

  4. With digital cameras and mobile cameras, capturing light trails is only possible in the night mode. it automatically increases the exposure time..

  5. This is s good shot "taken with a mobile phone camera"


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