On a rainy day

After a long time it rained in vellore.
I was in entrance of the college and my class is too far. So i have to walk a long way. Saw these beautiful raindrops, few reflections could also be seen.

The elephants

Went to kancheepuram,
Took these two elephants,
It was little bit scary

what a view!

This picture is totally different from all pictures in blog.
You could see the sunlight,
Reflections of sun light,
Beautiful background,
Made me to title as "what a view"

sun covered by dark clouds

Took this picture on a saturday evening,
very fascinating picture,
you could see the rays!

flower in b&w mode

First of all thanks to many,
who encouraged me to take black and white photos,
Took this picture in college[vit] on july 2nd

express avenue

Entrance of express avenue.
This is the first time i went to this place.
Really good feel there! 

And this is a second year to this mall.
So huge cake was built.
took a shot!