what these birds r thinkin???

[This is my 25th post]
i took this pic in early morning.
when ur taking a pic your background matters a lot.
As different colored or plain background makes your picture more clear to the subject!!!

sun rise with rainy clouds

i thought to cover more space
sun rays and black clouds makes this picture beautiful!!!

experiment in angles

I love this angle
I always like to experiment in angles. Have two coconut trees in home, Thought of taking it from low to high. Now it is unique :)


i like the view. took the pic from 2nd floor. hopefully covered all i wanted!

hot sun before huge rain

As you can see the hot sun. u could notice the black clouds on the top. i never saw both things happening at the same time. waiting for your response for this pic.

i love flowers

lots of flowers here
taking pic in horizontal especially the flowers appear beautiful
different colours makes this beautiful

100 visits

hi, guys this blog has reached it's 100th visit today.
readers, subscribers, followers and friends thank u guys, 
thank u for motivating and helping me on this stuff.

old coin

i have collected an old coin. the coin had few scratches and all. but i need to show to u guys.