In motion

panning image of a bus
hi guys,  i was walking in the roadways to my home.  I thought to take a motion photographs like panning. so took this one hope u like this

karthigai deepam 2011

Happy karthigai deepam everyone. Took this picture one hour ago.
If u want to see last year karthigai deepam 2010 click here.

New Born Beautiful Leaves

Took this picture early morning, I was wondering what must be done next. My dad left his glasses in his room, so i went upstairs to his room. Saw this beautiful plant, the angle may be disturbing but a fine shot. This is the way i saw this plant so i took a shot similar.

majestic shine of a leaf

Well my mini-project is over. I liked to spend few hours in college. I thought to take a pic of sticks and stones, But to my astonishment a leaf of a tree came floating by and landed in the stone. As it was 2'o clock in the afternoon. Bright shine of sun glittering on the leaf made it majestic!

innocent puppy

I was busy doing my project, and today is review. Having all the tension, i went to take a picture. Yes photography gives me peace. And i saw this innocent look of puppy. The eyes of puppy have a story. His mother died in an accident. It is been helped by the strangers in the street.
And an another thing is the tail, see the tail and its angle!

smile please

Happy Sunday folks usually sunday starts at afternoon,
but fortunately or unfortunately it started early
Started today with a creative idea!

New born puppy

A street dog has given birth to a puppy. And the puppy is being protected by the neighbors around my home. All kids when passing by gaze at the puppy. It makes cute barking sounds!

bench drawings of sports our passion

This is drawn by friend. He did not like the class, as he felt boring more. He drew the 'passion for sports'.
And i am participating in
google photography prize
hope you like it!  

some proud moments of my mobile photography

There was a question on do you need a dslr to learn serious photography, my mobile photography blog has been chosen as a best answer, thanks to voters! 
my answer is "many say yes,
but i dont think so
i have taken a lot of pictures through my mobile
my pictures in my blog is a standing proof!"


plants reaching the sun

Kid: is that real, that sun flower gets energy from sun and rain.
Me: yes, i guess so
Kid: then show me!
Me: so i dropped by this.
Few may feel mysterious about the way i took, leaves were curling across the wires. I took it from a top angle, such that it appears to be reaching it!
Other tips for mobile photography

different views of a flower

Today i took a beautiful picture of a flower through my friends mobile, Samsung and camera model is GT-B7300. The first picture is taken in a aerial view, where the pollens are visible
This picture, i want to show the flower from the top angle. so i concentrated on a single one. And of course the background makes it more apt.

And no editing as-usual!

bench drawings of tiger


As i was gazing in a empty class room, saw some beautiful drawings in bench, awesome sketch took a snap, and there are lots to come...

A colorful night

one fine evening

Yesterday i had classes till evening. As i was walking vaguely all the way, It was almost dark. Saw this tree shades, crimson red clouds and little plain blue sky. The path beneath the road adds more beauty to it. Made me to take a colorful shot.

black clouds signifying rain!

My class got over at 3pm. To past time went to the top floor to see pigeons. The climate changes and man who was standing beside me told that 'pigeons have natural powers and if they it going to rain then they do not come outside'. As soon as he said it rained! The black clouds signifies it is raining. clouds during rain is black? answers to this is given in my another blog and do check it out!

view the center of attraction

center of attraction
From a window, i saw this beautiful view. I liked the composition of river, mountains, clouds and sky.
I like this order.
{thanks for the suggestion and views for 100th post}

My 100th post in mobile photography

I bought my mobile at the end of 2009. I was taking few pictures and few liked it. One of my friends told me to put it in a blog.  Typed blog in Google search, and blogger site came. Filled the url and it was created.
I didn't know how to bring traffic and all, I joined orkut and posted my blog url. Few had same interests in mobile photography. To my astonishment there was a follower in blog and a comment. So i thought i was not bad.
"I don't edit my pictures, I believe that pictures to be presented as the way it is taken"
Days passed by, took many pictures that attracted me. Took beautiful candles, puppy, coconut trees,sun. Then i liked to experiment with my mobile took a picture of dragon fly, lizard, close shot of insects. I admired on my best shots For few months i only took nature.
After gaining some knowledge, wrote a article on tips on mobile photography. Then said to the world on "100 visits". I received some questions in my email and answered those.
Took the pictures of festivals. After few days my friend had bought a kitten. Went there and took pictures of cat. Created a page on "A Cats Story" like telling a story through pictures!
The art of photography is real simple by eyes and very trouble in taking a perfect shot; I agree that our eye is the best in all aspects but photographs showcases the moment and that’s how photography lives forever!
Then a picture in motion is an car came in a rush. Took a picture of it, the car ran all the way but it's light is captured! Now i liked to take pictures in black and white mode.

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creative reflections

I have been thinking for a long time what to post something new to this blog. I was waiting for a bus, but there were no bus! 
Few kids were playing, people selling the newspapers, quarreling each other. So i sat on a bench, mirror in a bike gazed the sun.
For the first time i missed the leaves and all. Every time i go near the mirror, my mobile is seen in the mirror

So i moved a little bit to show the surroundings as well and the leaves.!

And another stuff you will notice is, the picture consists of all artificial stuffs and the nature in middle

hope many would like it.

vinayagar chaturti

not shaped
Vinayagar have been brought early in the morning, lots of people claying it now, at present it is not shaped.
people arranging it

 As you can see, lot of vinayagar's now. Tremendous work by the people to arrange it.
 Arrangement completed!

{Want to see the decorated one of last year vinyagar-chaturthi-2010}

yellow flower

As class was over today, I walked long way out. I noticed few where gazing at sky, cars and all. Saw this little flower, one thing that i liked is the angle i took it. Like covering the background too. 
First i thought to shoot in eye level of flower but it is usual, took this angle.
how is this??
Thank you for commenting in pictures, You guys pointed out what u liked and the not liked, Which made me grow.

Praying for rain

In august month we pray to god in temple for rain. As i live in Vellore, a city in India. It is usually hottest city in southern India. At each and every year in the month of august we pray for rain. So to make people know that there is a prayers for rain it is shown in lights, loud speakers playing devotional songs and a road show with a statue of gods. We devote coconuts, camphor, banana and other fruits. So on each august it is celebrated and there is a rain.

today my birthday and here is the cake!

As every birthday, i will receive birthday wishes from my friends.
But now it is a era of social network, i received many messages, wall posts and likes. My dad surprised me, all of a sudden he bought a cake!
Thanks to blogger, uploaded the picture of cake and it's yummy!

The train comes...

here the train comes
Took this picture from 7th floor. Few of my friends were talking. A train  with huge sound, everyone told me to take a picture of it. So here it is! and this is the first time i'm posting a picture of train here!

pigeons playground

pigeons all around
I was thinking to take a shot of something new to blog. so i was in college on 7th floor. All of a sudden there were pigeons all around. Took a snap, it is like a action photography.

sky full of clouds

Sorry for the not posting last week.
yesterday i was wandering in cycle, saw few kids crossing the road and there is a good slope in the road, saw this sky covered with little clouds and sun emerging out.very good to watch. took a snap.And many were taking pictures, I wonder how many have blog??

Toy cycle

I felt boring, So i planned to visit my friend. He too have interested in photography. It's like "sailing in same ship". I was in a dilemma in what to post in this blog.I have not posted any toy in this blog, So decided to take a pic of cycle. Place it in a proper background.

Being lonely

I have chosen different electives this semester. Each one have to choose 5 electives based on his interest. 4 electives has been scheduled in afternoon and one in the morning session. Only few have selected this elective. As I've selected this, I have to wait for 2-3hrs for the afternoon session. I came to lawn and watching the birds, students playing football and I came to know that I'm lonely. When i bend down i saw my legs in a beautiful background.only me and my mobile, Being lonely is god's honest truth!

On a rainy day

After a long time it rained in vellore.
I was in entrance of the college and my class is too far. So i have to walk a long way. Saw these beautiful raindrops, few reflections could also be seen.

The elephants

Went to kancheepuram,
Took these two elephants,
It was little bit scary

what a view!

This picture is totally different from all pictures in blog.
You could see the sunlight,
Reflections of sun light,
Beautiful background,
Made me to title as "what a view"

sun covered by dark clouds

Took this picture on a saturday evening,
very fascinating picture,
you could see the rays!

flower in b&w mode

First of all thanks to many,
who encouraged me to take black and white photos,
Took this picture in college[vit] on july 2nd

express avenue

Entrance of express avenue.
This is the first time i went to this place.
Really good feel there! 

And this is a second year to this mall.
So huge cake was built.
took a shot!

hanging clips

i was wondering what to do next..
and i found this colorful hanging clips
it was very catchy!

picture of puppy

Well, i loved to take a picture of puppy
for a long time......
finally took a shot.
puppy was looking at my mobile all the time!

reflection of sun in water

Took this picture last week,
i saw a small tub of water in  backside of my home,
when i saw, it appeared unique and clear!

plant in sand

I took this picture a long back.
even though the plant is small but the roots are strong. 

close shot of insect

Took this picture last week,
I showed the picture in my mobile to few friends,
every one liked it,
especially the wings.
i have another pictures of  dragon fly.

little flowers

I always thought of taking pictures in black and white,
this is my first picture in that mode,
how is this??

little flowers

Took this picture yesterday,
green leaves and little flowers at the top,
makes it a nice view 

U gotta watch this clouds trees birds

beautiful clouds with green leaves,
little birds,
beautiful evening,
awesome climate,
just before rain,
made me to click!!!