puppies in the street

I always had the thought of capturing the emotions and feelings. Finally took this the puppies are sad

Received $100 from Google Adsense India

The year 2015 has just started and have recently received $100 from Google AdSense as a wire free transfer. I have learn't about photography and AdSense from the scratch through Internet. I have set self assignments,experiments and made progress. Below is the payment receipt.

 As i recall the first Milestone was the 100th picture. Sooner created a Story through pictures 
where the blog came popular. I started to receive many mails regarding photography and Adsense.   
Now this blog has 207 posts, 516 comments and 123,229 visits.

Thanks a lot for motivating.

Simple Quotes on Photography

Have written a couple of quotes on photography. Thought of sharing it.

"Eye has already taken a shot, you just need to click"

"if you did not capture a moment, you simply did not feel it"

"when the background and subject join hands, you are creating a masterpiece"

"Yes it is true that we do not know which is the best photograph that we have taken"