What is photography to you?

People ask me questions through email. And i answer them.
So now i asked this question to followers of this blog and other people.
Curious answers i received are

New born plant

Yes i know what you are thinking, pictures is covered with dirt, mud, papers. I too thought it first. But then i noticed the leaves that were born. Nature's beauty is everywhere to be found, not only the flowers, birds,animals but also this!
Once a photographer told me "Subject is all matters, nothing else!"

little pink flower

Took this picture in college. New plants, trees and flowers are being planted in my college for riviera. Found this little flowers and you can also see the young one in left corner. Makes it a beautiful one. For those who love flowers click here

colors of nature

SUN to me: Walking in the shade, here i come!
Hello everybody. Took this picture today. I left the college at 1 pm and took a bus. It was hot in the afternoon so i walked under the shades of tree. But i saw my shadow, Sun sparkling light on me. Grabbed my mobile took a picture. Came to home and copied the picture to my laptop. Only then I noticed the color of leaves pale yellow and green, sun in the middle, light blue sky and the brown tree. colors of nature unveiled!

creating exposures with trees

Trees in a line
As you can see creating exposures of trees. Posted this picture as a large one, so it is visually seen the trees in a line. But the problem is trees were not planted with equal space. So the large gap is visual. When you see the shadows it is far and near.

Before and after


Thought of doing some creative and shots for fun. And here it is. Before and after pictures are not new to photography. Many photography websites usually does it with people, Christmas tree before and after decorated, and the list goes on. But the above picture is different and the picture explains it. Want to see more of fun and creative?

Interesting picture of a leaf

This would be eye catching and experimental one. For the people who wants beauty in pictures they may not like this. But people who want something new from mobile photography you may like it. You may think it is a zoomed, it is not. I took the camera lens so near that the top looks as blurred and leaf underneath looks clear.

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Different shapes

crow praying to god

Crows prayers
As i was waiting for bus. Crow flew by me. 
He stood in small temple {shown in above picture}
It stared at god for a long time, almost all were watching this.
After a while it turned his head backwards.
Then it flew off!

clashes of clouds

clashes of clouds

Happy new year to all.I have set a new theme for blog, hope you like it.
I was going to college today to sign my attendance sheet. 
While i was walking there were peculiar shades of clouds. As you can see it. 
As it began to rain. I saw both the black clouds and the white ones. 
And the different shades of colors of leaves, clouds and sky made it a good one.

similar one
trees birds clouds