Psychological design for photography blogs

2-column-layout.. Two column layouts are good for photography website where the pictures and the other gadgets occupy the right space. Our eye visions the page from left to right So i made the pictures in the left and gadgets in right.

Every visitor wants this in photography... well what's that? ofcourse it's the best pictures in your blog/website. So i have added as the first gadget in the blog.

Few important links in blog or individual pages... can be placed just below the description of your blog.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.. so i limited the number of posts in blogs to 4. And no one likes to scroll whole way down. As the blog consists of less posts to show no.of clicks on blogs might increase :)

Footer with different background color.. If you want to show content that are important then you need to show them differently. That's why i used the plain background color so that it stands apart from the content.