old and beautiful temple in vellore

old and beautiful temple in vellore
arts lies in temple

I was walking my way to home. saw this beautiful old temple. Every country has a place for arts and architecture, in India it lies in the temple. By the way temple is near to vellore.

we are dangerous

wall painting of dangerous people
Gang leaders
Went to college yesterday, saw few wall paintings of a gangster. It looks like Frankenstein monster. And it was a long time posted a wall paintings. you want to see more of the arts here.

next door girl goes a ride

next door girl goes a ride
cycling all the way

Well guys did you like the redesign of this blog? My next door girl is going for a ride in cycle. It was fun to watch like how she sat on it :) and as usual black and white captures the moments!

Two clibs

made for each other
After one week posting a picture sorry for the very late post. Went to chennai and it was totally different from my place. Too much of crowds, traffic and sun. Came to my home, Saw this two clibs looks like they are made for each other

beautiful sunshine in school

Took a walk in early morning, saw this beautiful sun shine i was stunned. It was little dark. Sun shine is so bright. Rays passing the trees made it more beautiful.