Beautiful lily flower in pond

Well, Took this picture yesterday in college. Thanks to few friends who told that beautiful lily flowers are in college. The colors were amazing in this flower.

beautiful water fountain in vit

Took this picture long back. There will always be crowd near to the place, as i took it in afternoon not many were standing near it. hope you like this picture

God everywhere

From yesterday i take a walk in the morning for 1hr. Smelling the refreshing air, watching school buses, people buying newspapers, opening shops, Rangoli too. In one home i saw they are worshiping god they made a rock and few flowers on the top with a small rangoli. 

Bee collecting nectar from sunflower

Today lots of sun flowers have been planted in college. This is the first time i am seeing a sun flower. Took this picture at 11:30, it is beautiful to see all the sun flowers facing the sun. Waited for awhile bee to come for collecting nectar.

colors reflected in jar

After walking 5 kilometers, enjoyed the evening beauty in vellore. Because it is too hot in the morning, Drank plenty of water after walking. And i noticed this beautiful colors that are reflected. Took a quick snap.

Talk with nature and you are welcome

Chit chat with nature
This picture is taken in college (hostel). A Gang of three roaming in and around. We thought of sitting somewhere to chit chat. One of my friend have bought a new mobile Nokia X2-00. From his mobile i took this picture. Clarity is good in this mobile.

two crows in lawn

Too much of work in college, came to the lawn to get some fresh air. The shadow of tree fall on the lawn. One crow sat on the shadow and other was enjoying the sun.

sleeping beauty of puppy

I have taken a picture of puppy long back. But the thing is i like to show different pose. The puppy is 3 months old and the running style is splendid. Now the puppy is turned into a rockstar!