yellow flower

As class was over today, I walked long way out. I noticed few where gazing at sky, cars and all. Saw this little flower, one thing that i liked is the angle i took it. Like covering the background too. 
First i thought to shoot in eye level of flower but it is usual, took this angle.
how is this??
Thank you for commenting in pictures, You guys pointed out what u liked and the not liked, Which made me grow.

Praying for rain

In august month we pray to god in temple for rain. As i live in Vellore, a city in India. It is usually hottest city in southern India. At each and every year in the month of august we pray for rain. So to make people know that there is a prayers for rain it is shown in lights, loud speakers playing devotional songs and a road show with a statue of gods. We devote coconuts, camphor, banana and other fruits. So on each august it is celebrated and there is a rain.

today my birthday and here is the cake!

As every birthday, i will receive birthday wishes from my friends.
But now it is a era of social network, i received many messages, wall posts and likes. My dad surprised me, all of a sudden he bought a cake!
Thanks to blogger, uploaded the picture of cake and it's yummy!

The train comes...

here the train comes
Took this picture from 7th floor. Few of my friends were talking. A train  with huge sound, everyone told me to take a picture of it. So here it is! and this is the first time i'm posting a picture of train here!

pigeons playground

pigeons all around
I was thinking to take a shot of something new to blog. so i was in college on 7th floor. All of a sudden there were pigeons all around. Took a snap, it is like a action photography.

sky full of clouds

Sorry for the not posting last week.
yesterday i was wandering in cycle, saw few kids crossing the road and there is a good slope in the road, saw this sky covered with little clouds and sun emerging out.very good to watch. took a snap.And many were taking pictures, I wonder how many have blog??

Toy cycle

I felt boring, So i planned to visit my friend. He too have interested in photography. It's like "sailing in same ship". I was in a dilemma in what to post in this blog.I have not posted any toy in this blog, So decided to take a pic of cycle. Place it in a proper background.

Being lonely

I have chosen different electives this semester. Each one have to choose 5 electives based on his interest. 4 electives has been scheduled in afternoon and one in the morning session. Only few have selected this elective. As I've selected this, I have to wait for 2-3hrs for the afternoon session. I came to lawn and watching the birds, students playing football and I came to know that I'm lonely. When i bend down i saw my legs in a beautiful background.only me and my mobile, Being lonely is god's honest truth!