A colorful night

one fine evening

Yesterday i had classes till evening. As i was walking vaguely all the way, It was almost dark. Saw this tree shades, crimson red clouds and little plain blue sky. The path beneath the road adds more beauty to it. Made me to take a colorful shot.

black clouds signifying rain!

My class got over at 3pm. To past time went to the top floor to see pigeons. The climate changes and man who was standing beside me told that 'pigeons have natural powers and if they it going to rain then they do not come outside'. As soon as he said it rained! The black clouds signifies it is raining. clouds during rain is black? answers to this is given in my another blog and do check it out!

view the center of attraction

center of attraction
From a window, i saw this beautiful view. I liked the composition of river, mountains, clouds and sky.
I like this order.
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My 100th post in mobile photography

I bought my mobile at the end of 2009. I was taking few pictures and few liked it. One of my friends told me to put it in a blog.  Typed blog in Google search, and blogger site came. Filled the url and it was created.
I didn't know how to bring traffic and all, I joined orkut and posted my blog url. Few had same interests in mobile photography. To my astonishment there was a follower in blog and a comment. So i thought i was not bad.
"I don't edit my pictures, I believe that pictures to be presented as the way it is taken"
Days passed by, took many pictures that attracted me. Took beautiful candles, puppy, coconut trees,sun. Then i liked to experiment with my mobile took a picture of dragon fly, lizard, close shot of insects. I admired on my best shots For few months i only took nature.
After gaining some knowledge, wrote a article on tips on mobile photography. Then said to the world on "100 visits". I received some questions in my email and answered those.
Took the pictures of festivals. After few days my friend had bought a kitten. Went there and took pictures of cat. Created a page on "A Cats Story" like telling a story through pictures!
The art of photography is real simple by eyes and very trouble in taking a perfect shot; I agree that our eye is the best in all aspects but photographs showcases the moment and that’s how photography lives forever!
Then a picture in motion is an car came in a rush. Took a picture of it, the car ran all the way but it's light is captured! Now i liked to take pictures in black and white mode.

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creative reflections

I have been thinking for a long time what to post something new to this blog. I was waiting for a bus, but there were no bus! 
Few kids were playing, people selling the newspapers, quarreling each other. So i sat on a bench, mirror in a bike gazed the sun.
For the first time i missed the leaves and all. Every time i go near the mirror, my mobile is seen in the mirror

So i moved a little bit to show the surroundings as well and the leaves.!

And another stuff you will notice is, the picture consists of all artificial stuffs and the nature in middle

hope many would like it.

vinayagar chaturti

not shaped
Vinayagar have been brought early in the morning, lots of people claying it now, at present it is not shaped.
people arranging it

 As you can see, lot of vinayagar's now. Tremendous work by the people to arrange it.
 Arrangement completed!

{Want to see the decorated one of last year vinyagar-chaturthi-2010}