narrow path

Abandoned narrow path!

Always thought of taking this picture
So took this pic yesterday in college,
i liked the view of narrow path 
Looks like abandoned!


  1. gr8 snap... lovely

  2. @pari kesa
    thank u.
    light added more beauty to it.

  3. @prashant
    after a long time i'm seeing ur comments.
    And i remember ur the first follower in blog.

  4. yup... i was quite busy with my college functions and exams.
    I just finished seeing your full blog. You have put in great efforts in the development of your photography and your blog. I remember the day you started it to the day it had 50 visitors to the day it was indexed by google.
    Your blog has increased in popularity from 50 to 2000 visits and from 3rd to first position in search results. Congrats !!!

    Inspired by you I have started my own photography blog Please visit and give comments

  5. nice snap....and u r doubt....just dat....if u really lyk photography.....why dont u get hold of a slr.....just suggesting....since u seem so passionate about photography...

  6. @prashant
    i will definitely visit ur blog, thanks for commenting.
    hope i'm living to ur expectations

  7. @abhijit
    i will but not now. after i get job i will buy a good camera

  8. Good shot!
    The image seems to be a bit tilted...but everything else is good!