Go to Beach at the evening

i always love to go to beach, Especially at evening. Kinda people say one will feel a weird joy and smile on the beach.

vaalparai 3500 feet above sea level

Vaalparai located above 3500 feet above sea level of the western ghats


i always thought of taking picture of water falls. Finally took it :)

Mountain,sea and sky

nature creation
This picture kind of shows all precious things about nature :) i felt peace there...

Good Morning SUN

i always love sunrise, one of the beauty's of the nature. Everyday it is new. i bet 90% of the photographers would have taken a pic of sunrise.

cat on the tree

After a long time took a picture of a cat :) Wandering around the garden to have peace and to hear the cuckoo songs. I loved the angle and the way it saw me.

Mobile Photography blog reached 1 million visits

Today my blog reached its 1 million visits. This made me remember how it all started. Obviously photography showcases our memory!

What all happened in this journey.. I began to take pictures that are beautiful. That was there for a while But that was not the type of photography I wanted. Experimenting is my key always finding a way to take extraordinary. Like conveying a message through photography??? That’s what I exactly wanted. 
Telling the world how living thing expresses their feeling is what I really wanted.

Few Questions I would like to ask you. Take your time to answer in the comment section.

Q: Which photograph that you took made you feel impressive? Kindly share the link of the picture in the comments.

Q: What was the first review about your photography that changed everything?

Q: What is your photography blog/website?  I would love to visit!

It is a long journey
thanks for being a part of it

Two Big wheels

Two Big wheels feels like as it's going to collide. Found interesting so clicked it.

short visit to mudaliarkuppam

After a long time went a trip to Mudaliarkuppam, which is also known as rain drop boat house. It is located 15 km from Mahabalipuram. Which is around 1.5 hours from Chennai.
There were some migrated birds. But due to less luck there were not much birds :( There was not much sunilght.
For the first time  saw how a tent was made, especially the breadth and width. Stayed for a little over there. Waiting to see sunlight enter the tent.
Few people taught me the bascis of volley ball, played a little sweated a lot. Nice to play with people.
everything was fine played volley ball,gazing at the sea,boat ride, few kids playing little games except the bright sunlight. At last sun light welcomed us :)

Psychological design for photography blogs

2-column-layout.. Two column layouts are good for photography website where the pictures and the other gadgets occupy the right space. Our eye visions the page from left to right So i made the pictures in the left and gadgets in right.

Every visitor wants this in photography... well what's that? ofcourse it's the best pictures in your blog/website. So i have added as the first gadget in the blog.

Few important links in blog or individual pages... can be placed just below the description of your blog.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.. so i limited the number of posts in blogs to 4. And no one likes to scroll whole way down. As the blog consists of less posts to show no.of clicks on blogs might increase :)

Footer with different background color.. If you want to show content that are important then you need to show them differently. That's why i used the plain background color so that it stands apart from the content.

Exterior view of temple in black and white

Divine in black and white

Thought of trying something new, why not take a picture of a temple from exterior! I Keep on look at this picture something makes me to stay there.