This pic taken in my college
i liked the view from this angle
i have a problem of over exposure of images
i'll try to avoid it


As there was rain in my city,
thought of taking reflections in water,
As i am not editing,
i give u what i took!!!

drops of rain

I was busy walking to college,
There was little rain in the city,
i saw this beautiful rain drops flowing through the plant,
took a crystal clear shot. 


I was trying to shoot something new in this blog.
hope the background was good.
And thanks for many visits in the blog

happy navarathri

Took this pic yesterday night in my friend's home.
 a small decorative work done by friend

dragon fly

Took this picture yesterday at 12:00
i was busy walking to catch a bus,
i saw a dragon fly,
it sat for a minute,
i took a shot from back view,
thought of taking a shot from front view, 
but it flew the other minute :(

cat again!!!

Took this pic in afternoon.
on post of kitten kutti i received a comment,
that the background is not good,
i hope the background is good in this pic.