sun rise with rainy clouds

i thought to cover more space
sun rays and black clouds makes this picture beautiful!!!


  1. pls tell me the magic that you do with ur mobile!!
    your proving again & again that ur the best.
    gr8 pic from 2 mega pixel!!!!

  2. good one!!
    i hav a doubt.
    u took in black & white mode???

  3. Excellent photography brother.. I am amazed that you took this from a mobile camera..Anyways it was too good.. Keep clicking :)

  4. very nice photography
    great photographer
    good work

  5. nice pics dude...

  6. i see a lot of comments
    @preethi i am just giving the best in what i have
    @cool gang this pic is not shot with black & white mode. if u watch closely u could see little blue and yellow.
    @vamsi yep i took it from nokia 5130
    @rakesh and @vijay thank u guys


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