Simple Quotes on Photography

Have written a couple of quotes on photography. Thought of sharing it.

"Eye has already taken a shot, you just need to click"

"if you did not capture a moment, you simply did not feel it"

"when the background and subject join hands, you are creating a masterpiece"

"Yes it is true that we do not know which is the best photograph that we have taken"

Did you see a face

The broken holder of a table in the office appears as eyes and the lower one appears as it is smiling.

200 post mobile photography

Hi today the blog reached 200th post :)
  • Blog started in year 2010
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Many friends who have motivated and inspired me a lot. One such friend is Ratheesh. You can check out his tweets here

In depressed moments comments motivated and inspired me take photographs. Few are listed below:
I learned to appreciate mobile photography through your pictures. You often made me realize after all camera is not important

How nice. I like to wish all success in photography and life

Your a good story teller

Dave G
Some are very nice photographs. It shows eye is far important than the technology! Well keep taking your shots

Excellent blog, to be a good photographer let your heart speak through your photos.

Subhorup dasgupta
Very nice photographs. Recently discovered the wealth of a phone camera.

Very beautiful photographs compliment from an Italian

Minimum the editing, the better photographer you are

Sabrina Napier
It is a nice deviation from the normal color pictures and it puts the focus on the entire picture as a whole instead of having specific accents. I very much like yours! If I had taken it I would frame it and put it in my entry way! Good job!

Thank you for making it happen.

Smiling chairs

Did you see a face or a chair

i see faces everywhere. My eye has already taken a shot i just need to click.

Happy Birthday - Mridula Dwivedi Women Photographer

She does not need any introduction to photography lovers. Her photographs are always an inspiration to me. Her passion in photography and traveling is tremendous. Her works have been showcased in BBC, National geographic and Guardian. Her dream is to travel Antarctica.

Many more happy returns of the day mam. Your comments and feedback made me grow.

You can check more about her photography in the blog

Smile is the Universal Language

After a very long time posting a picture. Smile heals the scars of your soul. So lets put a smile on your face.

Madras War Cemetery

The Madras War Cemetery is located in Nandambakkam,Chennai. It is of 300 feet width and maintained by London. The cemetery has 600+ brave souls who have died in the First and Second world war.
I went to the Cemetery on Saturday. There were around 8 workers for gardening and other maintaining activities. 
Entrance of Cemetery
There was a big statue of Cross symbol depicting the Lord Jesus. I inquired more about the Cemetery and the people who have visited it. The worker gave me a register to sign and a book of 300 pages. The book had the names and address of the soldiers dead in the world war.
Cross symbol 

Each page had the l
ives of the Soldiers and most of them were at the age 20 - 25. The more i read,the more it pained.  
There was a girl of age 4. Her mother pointed to a grave and said "It's your grandfather". Girl hugged it and she has not seen her grandfather. I had the tears and smile.