sunset with colorful sky in vit

sunset with colorful sky
sunset in vit college
Took this picture long back, Thought of posting it today. After the classes were over and we walked all the way. Beautiful sunset with colorful sky, all were stunned by looking this

Google hangout on building successful photography blogs with david and patrick

Google+ made a hangout recently with david hobby and patrick smith regarding how to build a successful photography blogs. Watched their video they have given some information and shared their experiences in photography blogs. guys you can check out the video

Like this angle of cat?

experimenting on angles with a cat
He is taking a picture, jump!
I always have interest on 'experimenting in angles'. Few may understand from the picture. Cat trying to jump on the ground to the left and the picture is taken in angle of right.

delicious food by grand mother

delicious food by grand mother
Grand mother's preparation
This is the first time talking about food in this blog! My grand mother came to visit us. This is her preparation. And my mom is jealous of taste :)

sparrow in home

I was in upstairs. Heard some cute sounds from birds all around home. Took this picture of a sparrow Sunbird through glass window. It looks like angry bird :)