little pink flower

Took this picture in college. New plants, trees and flowers are being planted in my college for riviera. Found this little flowers and you can also see the young one in left corner. Makes it a beautiful one. For those who love flowers click here


  1. Hey buddy,
    I guess all your friends are fake, I went through your blog.
    Frankly I think there's a lot of scope for improvement in your photography.
    Find a true critic in one of your friends to improve on your photography skills.


    1. Hello shaun

      First of all, There should always be improvements

      in photography. And i cannot satisfy all the

      readers. Friends like my photography. I have

      received critics from a professional photographers

      They too liked the pictures, and they told me to

      improvise and apply skills for a different theme.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Shawn,

      He's got many good photos here. The only thing that limits his ability is his cameraphone! (no autofocus or focus of anykind).

      IMO he should avoid shots closer than 50cm...or use lenses to get close up shots. Example


      ...get a reading glass. I brouht 1 for 20 rupees :D and you'll get the closeup shots like you'd get on a dedicated camera.

      And keep on posting better and better there's a lot to learn

    3. Thank you
      I will get a reading glass
      And i agree there is a lot to learn