What is photography to you?

People ask me questions through email. And i answer them.
So now i asked this question to followers of this blog and other people.
Curious answers i received are

  • A way to record moments in the stream of Time.
  • Photography is a passion 
  • Photography is a strange activity that makes crazy people like me
  • a suggestion of reality
  • Photography is to capture a moment in such a way that you present it in the way you desired. It means how and what about that moment you want to show to others. Like if someone wants to show the beauty of a landscape or the mental state or personality of a person. Or if someone wants to show the moment as through his own eye. And if he succeeds in doing this, then this is called photography.
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  1. For me photography is my hobby...it's a part of my daily life. It's a form of art! I do it for personal satisfaction and just want to share my work with people and want to know what they think about my work.