yellow flower

As class was over today, I walked long way out. I noticed few where gazing at sky, cars and all. Saw this little flower, one thing that i liked is the angle i took it. Like covering the background too. 
First i thought to shoot in eye level of flower but it is usual, took this angle.
how is this??
Thank you for commenting in pictures, You guys pointed out what u liked and the not liked, Which made me grow.


  1. I like the angle, but I think it might have some shadow.. Maybe a small step back and a little to the right. The time of day is against you here though, because when you step to the right you are going to end up with more sidewalk which is not as flattering as the leaves.. I still think it is great!! ;) Keep working and you are gonna make mucho funds with this!!

  2. @sabrina
    Took this picture in hot sun,
    If i go both the directions either to the left or right shadow falls on the flower.
    So i thought to take both the flower and the leaves.
    Glad that you liked it.

  3. The flower seems to be out of focus, which is very annoying since it is the main object in the scene, the background is more in focus

  4. @prometheus
    I agree.
    I thought the back ground adds beauty to it.
    But it is overwhelmed.