majestic shine of a leaf

Well my mini-project is over. I liked to spend few hours in college. I thought to take a pic of sticks and stones, But to my astonishment a leaf of a tree came floating by and landed in the stone. As it was 2'o clock in the afternoon. Bright shine of sun glittering on the leaf made it majestic!


  1. You are going excellent sir. Actually I do not have much time to post and give captions. So I put all photographs in a row. I know it is quiet disturbing. But noway...

  2. I am not doing great,
    just doing what i like.

    avoid putting multiple pics in a row people hate scrolling.

    make your blog more navigable
    happy blogging :)

  3. This is a good shot, sir.
    And you got a great blog!

  4. thank you B Jay
    i am experimenting with my phone
    giving the audience a fresh and different perspective pictures