Google hangout on building successful photography blogs with david and patrick

Google+ made a hangout recently with david hobby and patrick smith regarding how to build a successful photography blogs. Watched their video they have given some information and shared their experiences in photography blogs. guys you can check out the video

some of the questions

small introduction of their blogs

Initially there were no visits. Then teaching about lights in photography made abundant visits to blogs. when teaching was involved audience found it is worthy to read blogs.
consistency in blogging

Rather than posting too many in a week and no posts for a while. One could post one or two in a week.
How to build successful photography blogs?

The key is to have a specific topic. In photography you have Lighting, reviews, how to, tutorials etc. Rather than talking about it all stick to a particular topic. Dominate that niche with thin line.
How do you engage with audiences?

Even though commenting sections are the building blocks to blog, people prefer email as one of the communicating medium. Every response to their mails counts. Engaging in skype is a good tool for communication.

what is the best camera?

The best quality a camera can get its the comfort. when talking about camera we need to talk about the lens as well. spend money on buying point and shoot after learning you could go to a dslr.

How many blogs you have?

Nearly a dozen. Felt they were good ideas and not dumb. But as for a beginner start with one blog concentrate, promote it. Then use it as a tunnel to other blogs. 

what audience want from your blog?

Audience want how-to tutorials like spoon feeding them. But as my blog goes i need them to take meaningful pictures with lighting stuffs.


  1. wow! thanks for this is very helpful..... google hangout is very grt tool.