camel in vellore

vellore is hot, camel knows it
I was in my friends home. wondering what to do next.  Came down the street, saw a camel!     This is the first time i am seeing it. So that confirms vellore is hot and here is the proof!

before and after the climate change

Took the first picture long back. The second one i took a day before. It appears as a theme. Beautiful pink flowers are always the cute. Few girls too took a picture. It is beautiful to know that how much nature provides us and how much we do to nature!

kids feeding the goat

I always like the black and white photographs. Thing i like in black and white photography is "lets the subject speak".

abstract images in daily life

Bricks with cement
shapes of shadows
I always thought of posting some abstract images. So most of the abstract images are of buildings, paintings in room and water layers. Thought of posting abstract images that we see in our daily life.

happy holi 2012

Happy holi to all. There was few colorful paintings and drawings done in my college. Many drawings were good, but this had a message in it 
"don't be aggressive
play safe holi"

signs of summer

Had a chat with few of my friends in college. It turned into a long talk. Starting from politics, company and a lot more.After a long talk, our eyes started gazing and we found we are covered with dry leaves. The summer has started!

Empty bus stop

After the chit-chat is over, I was waiting for the bus. But fortunately or unfortunately there was no one except me. My eyes glued to this fine bricks, beautifully placed in right shapes and appropriate positions. The brick at the right hand corner was broken, yeah it messed up the beauty.