smile please

Happy Sunday folks usually sunday starts at afternoon,
but fortunately or unfortunately it started early
Started today with a creative idea!

New born puppy

A street dog has given birth to a puppy. And the puppy is being protected by the neighbors around my home. All kids when passing by gaze at the puppy. It makes cute barking sounds!

bench drawings of sports our passion

This is drawn by friend. He did not like the class, as he felt boring more. He drew the 'passion for sports'.
And i am participating in
google photography prize
hope you like it!  

some proud moments of my mobile photography

There was a question on do you need a dslr to learn serious photography, my mobile photography blog has been chosen as a best answer, thanks to voters! 
my answer is "many say yes,
but i dont think so
i have taken a lot of pictures through my mobile
my pictures in my blog is a standing proof!"