hanging clips

i was wondering what to do next..
and i found this colorful hanging clips
it was very catchy!

picture of puppy

Well, i loved to take a picture of puppy
for a long time......
finally took a shot.
puppy was looking at my mobile all the time!

reflection of sun in water

Took this picture last week,
i saw a small tub of water in  backside of my home,
when i saw, it appeared unique and clear!

plant in sand

I took this picture a long back.
even though the plant is small but the roots are strong. 

close shot of insect

Took this picture last week,
I showed the picture in my mobile to few friends,
every one liked it,
especially the wings.
i have another pictures of  dragon fly.

little flowers

I always thought of taking pictures in black and white,
this is my first picture in that mode,
how is this??