Bud yesterday, flower today

I have been thinking what must be done next. I went to my garden to have some peace. I told my mother what can be posted next on the blog. Mom told me that we have a bud in the garden. I was crazy but it is not what i want. I confessed that it will not be too good. Flowers are the beauties of the nature.My mom told it is beautiful but you have to wait for one day to become as a flower.I waited one day to see the beautiful flower.

The climate changed in my place. There were huge rain in my place and i was wondering What would have happened to the flower. I woke up early in the morning. I saw the beautiful flower grown. I agree to my mother that flower is the beautiful thing that the nature provided us!!!

Lizard in my garden

I woke up late in the morning and my father was busy reading news paper. My mom told me to pick few flowers in the garden and present them to god. I searched for few hibiscus flowers in the garden and i found a lizard. I went to room and took my mobile. i got the lizard right where i wanted yes in the center of the whole garden. The lizard is standing straight, As the way i wanted.

beautiful clouds

Wow after i took leaves that covering the sun. I totally forgot the clouds. i Especially want the shades of cloud what i mean is from the picture you could see the white, dark blue and the lighter shades of blue.
There is many stories to cloud like wavy and shady clouds. And not to forget the leaves below.. The picture covers the leaves and clouds in wider manner. Nature is beautiful and the sun in the center makes it more beautiful.

leaves covering the sun

how many of you think that this picture is taken in evening? It is taken in 2.00 pm. yep there was a huge rain in my city.
No power and no games. After the rain stopped i came out and saw that the leaves of the coconut tree is covering the sun. It was a beautiful view. I ran back to the house and took my mobile and the picture came good. But the color of the leaf is appearing blackish however i got what i wanted.

coconut tree

This is a huge coconut tree in my home. It had many coconuts. lots of birds and squirrels used to sit on it. so i thought to take a picture. when i was trying to take i thought that to take in a slanting angle. so that the size of the leaves will be clear.

fat cat

When i returned from college. my home is far from my stop. Hot sun, i was walking with pressure. At last reached home, first i did not notice the cat. then i saw the cat. As i was hearing song from my mobile i immediately took a cat a picture. The tail and ears were in brown color. i did not care about the angle of the picture or size i just want to take a picture of it. and i'm done.