Madras War Cemetery

The Madras War Cemetery is located in Nandambakkam,Chennai. It is of 300 feet width and maintained by London. The cemetery has 600+ brave souls who have died in the First and Second world war.
I went to the Cemetery on Saturday. There were around 8 workers for gardening and other maintaining activities. 
Entrance of Cemetery
There was a big statue of Cross symbol depicting the Lord Jesus. I inquired more about the Cemetery and the people who have visited it. The worker gave me a register to sign and a book of 300 pages. The book had the names and address of the soldiers dead in the world war.
Cross symbol 

Each page had the l
ives of the Soldiers and most of them were at the age 20 - 25. The more i read,the more it pained.  
There was a girl of age 4. Her mother pointed to a grave and said "It's your grandfather". Girl hugged it and she has not seen her grandfather. I had the tears and smile. 


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