plants reaching the sun

Kid: is that real, that sun flower gets energy from sun and rain.
Me: yes, i guess so
Kid: then show me!
Me: so i dropped by this.
Few may feel mysterious about the way i took, leaves were curling across the wires. I took it from a top angle, such that it appears to be reaching it!
Other tips for mobile photography


  1. My Favorite Photo!! Very Beautiful!!


  2. First of all thanks for commenting,
    my favorite too.

  3. AWES0ME BR0THER :):)
    check Out My bLoG ..XD

  4. @KhuraFaTi_PoinT
    First of thanks for commenting
    Many do like this picture
    But only few comment on it.

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    i will be happy to see your blog
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  5. Wow, Great photo! I love your blog. I take photos of Walt Disney World and use my iPhone all of the time. Please feel free to check out my site at

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!


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