Mobile Photography blog reached 1 million visits

Today my blog reached its 1 million visits. This made me remember how it all started. Obviously photography showcases our memory!

What all happened in this journey.. I began to take pictures that are beautiful. That was there for a while But that was not the type of photography I wanted. Experimenting is my key always finding a way to take extraordinary. Like conveying a message through photography??? That’s what I exactly wanted. 
Telling the world how living thing expresses their feeling is what I really wanted.

Few Questions I would like to ask you. Take your time to answer in the comment section.

Q: Which photograph that you took made you feel impressive? Kindly share the link of the picture in the comments.

Q: What was the first review about your photography that changed everything?

Q: What is your photography blog/website?  I would love to visit!

It is a long journey
thanks for being a part of it


  1. How nice Raghavendra... I like to wish all success in your photography and life.

    My photography blog is

  2. Hey Raghavendra. There were some feelings that you wanted to convey and I think you have achieved some part of it, if not full.. Keep it up


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