wonders missed in home

when we bought the first camera, we started taking pictures in home. After we had enough confidence, we started moving out, traveling,go out of the realm. But ever thought of coming back to home? Here are some tips to get started.

#Perspective matters

Things that you see in home are simple, you may even get bored because you are seeing it daily. What you need is perspective. Things like curtains, furniture, welcome boards etc. have a different perspective. The angle too can make an impact.

hanging clips  
is very common
in every home
angle matters!

#Abstracts everywhere

Abstract photographs is all about the shape and the way you show them. In home you can find a ton of abstract like the pile of notebooks, ripples in water, and the list goes on

Bricks with cement
is usual,
the shape is aligned
can attract.

#Give extraordinary from ordinary

You can find a lot of things in home from the shelves till back door. Make more experiments in the common things. Like the reflections, shadows, sun shine can all make it a great photography.

plants and flowers
in garden are common
The shadows of leaves
with sun rays reflected
is added beauty

#make use of every room

Each room in your home have aesthetic beauty. From the flower vase in hall, candles in dining room can all make a wonder.


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