Mobile photography blog reached 50000 visits

The mobile photography started in 2010, reached it's 50000 visits. Through this blog photography has become a part of my daily life.started taking pictures in home, after gaining some confidence went out. Met few photographers gave some tips and comments to make me grow. I did not know where i am going but the response i received in 100th post were the best and the story through pictures were more encouraging. The followers and comments made me grow.

It is a long journey
Thanks for being a part of it


  1. I am a fan of yours
    continue your journey!
    -jessica (photographer)

  2. you are so awesome
    having a blog for 2 and half years
    this shows your passion for photography!

    1. I am appreciated by your comment.
      God bless you

  3. congrats bro...
    By shahan


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