today my birthday and here is the cake!

As every birthday, i will receive birthday wishes from my friends.
But now it is a era of social network, i received many messages, wall posts and likes. My dad surprised me, all of a sudden he bought a cake!
Thanks to blogger, uploaded the picture of cake and it's yummy!


  1. Hey raghavendra, wish u a belated happy birthday. hope u had a blast. seeing the pic tastes really yummy. parcel me one. hehe... just kidding.... have fun....
    btw u might wanna check out my blog at

    have fun.

  2. thanks for wishing.
    I liked your blog.
    Your casual way of writing is nice!

  3. Happy (Late) Birthday, young'en!!!! Hope it was fantastic!! ;)

  4. @sabrina thank you for wishing me.
    My dad suprised me,
    He has ordered a cake,
    he did not tell anyone about it,
    all of a sudden he showed me the cake!


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