little flowers

I always thought of taking pictures in black and white,
this is my first picture in that mode,
how is this??


  1. I have found using black and white mode is best when taking pictures of people. It is a nice deviation from the normal color pictures and it puts the focus on the entire picture as a whole instead of having specific accents. I very much like yours! If I had taken it I would frame it and put it in my entry way! Good job!

  2. @sabrina
    first of all thanks for commenting
    your comment encourages me to take more black & white photographs.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I am an amateur but I studied hard to learn what I can. Being able to observe others work is interesting and inspiring.

  4. @sabrina
    i too have same thoughts. First i thought that how can i make pictures like digital photographs and all. Few encouraged and motivated me.


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