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I got few mails from the followers and thereby, i'm answering those.

One thing to be known on mobile photography?
First of all get to know about your mobile like the features of megapixel,zoom,flash,two way lenses etc. Be clear to your subject. What can be done and what cannot be done.

I don't travel a lot, will i be successful in this field?
I guess so, In this field you need to travel a lot. Unless you travel you will not get new views,scenary otherwise one point of a time you will be bored for sure.

Out of curiosity how did you get many visits?
At the beginning i was lonely, i didn't know what to do. Then searching in google gave me the way, i used  So many people from all over the world are having a look on this site. whatever you do the site will be ranked only through good content.

If i start a mobile photography blog will u give suggestions?
sure. i don't have ego or something. i too asked few bloggers to see my blog and give their comments. Those comments made me to grow. I will do the same thing to u.

What are your other interests?
Now i love to pencil sketch.

What is your secret of success?
Imagination. Coz in photography one have to imagine a lot to show the different views.


  1. thanks for answering

  2. Well photography is a hobby and so it depens on you to choose the subject of your photos. I normally dont travel a lot and prefer to click closeup photos

    It is just a matter of personal interest

    youcan see my pics at

  3. @preethi
    if u have any other questions let me know.

  4. @prashant
    i too agree but traveling makes u grow and views on nature becomes wider. this is from my experience

  5. what are two way lenses?

  6. @prashant
    while taking picture from ur mobile, you can view it in both the sides. Like in front view from mobile and also from backside.


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