Q.why you do not post many posts in a month?
A. Photography blogs are different from other blogs, coz only if i have taken pics i can post them. And i cannot deviate to other topics.
Q. What is your inspiration?
A. There are lot of people. I have inspired by Jay dickman and Jay kinghorn, the best photographers ever and inspired by friends.
Q. What photos u would like to take in future?
A. There is a lot like puppies, mountains,festivals and the list goes on..
Q.Which picture is the best according to you?
A. I like the picture of candle light
Q.can you write an article on mobile photography?
A. yes. i will write soon.
Q.Wat is photography to u?
A. It is the only thing that gives peace to me. "pictures are the showcases of memory".
Q.Do you really encourage people on mobile photography?
A. First of all, i got inspired by friends and few of my class mates got inspired by my works. And they too have started blogging. all the best for their works and now i have competitors :)
Q. Do u have supporters?
A. one friend and my mom were the best supporters i have.
Q. Any books to learn photography?
A. There are lots and lots of books, "perfect digital photography" by jay dickman.
I have given honest answers, one thing i learned from photography is peace, whenever i feel depressed and i see these pics i feel happy. one good suggestion to bloggers is to have patience and that makes all the difference.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions. do u have new pic to post this week?


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