know your mobile well
Nowadays we can see mobiles with advanced features in respect to camera like ranges of megapixel and extraordinary editing features.Now you have mobile with features like red-eye removal,contrast,brightness,resize options and auto correct options. know what can be done and what cannot be done.
that's why i tried to capture a longer view like "nice view" in this blog.

all about light
when there is a good climate and light all goes nice. But it is also dependent on the pic you're gonna shoot. Better the light,better the picture.
In your mobile you have options like white-balance, you can choose the different light according to your day light.

Experiment with pictures and angles
If you see the pictures "leaf and it's shadow" you can see a different angles. you can try few angles like keeping your mobile flat,straight,little turn.

avoid zoom
good feature in the mobile is zoom. There will be a problem in resolution when u zoom. unless it is needed use zoom.

don't throw away your mistakes
what i mean is once you take a picture and you fell is not good. don't ignore it coz opinion differs. pic you don't like can be liked by others.

self motivation
you cannot expect a person to say your picture is good every time. like in this blog you can find that there is no comments on few pic.

this imagination made me to give better pictures like "beautiful clouds and leaves covering the sun" in this blog. just see this blog you will find that those too picture will be seen attractive by many.

clear to the subject
know what you want from the picture. think for a minute how you can shoot it such a way it is more beautiful.

travel more
As your hobby is photography, you have to travel more for for new and different pictures. be passionate in what u do.

i don't encourage people on editing, but you feel that editing makes your picture good no harm in trying it out.


  1. excellant tips
    i liked the stuff on " all about light"

  2. Dude..this is awesome! I've always been interested in mobile photoes but never thought I'd stumble upon a blog like this! Ur tips are all great! Keep up the good work!

  3. @suraj
    thank u for encouraging and motivating me in this stuff.


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