Mobile Photography Tips

Tip #1 Background matters a lot

If you think it does not matter, see the pictures. Most of the people do not have cautiousness of how the improper background affects the subject!   

Like this picture, the puppy face and its body is clear to the subject. But the background distracts it.

See this picture, 

"See this picture,sleeping beauty of puppy very clear to the subject. The background is contrast and you cannot take eyes off the picture"

Tip #2 Try experimenting with angles

Different pictures needed to be taken in different angles. Of course it must be clear to the subject. When you take pictures of people it is of portrait mode and places in a landscape mode. If you take a picture of objects angles are needed.

I want to show the audiences, how the plant reaches the sun so the best method is to take appropriate angle. By seeing this,  people picture in their minds, how did he take this?? what angle he chose??

Tip #3 Get to know about your mobile
This may appear funny. But i have known people who have used their mobile for years but still lack to know the features. Moreover get to know the pros and cons of your mobile. Many do not update the mobile firmware. Updating the phone software is a good thing.

Tip #4 Set your mobile to a highest resolution

Most of the mobile phones are set to the less resolution. Do check the settings for the maximum resolution possible.

Tip #5 keep your hands still 

whenever you take a picture do not shake your hands because it may turn blurred one. Moreover the processing time for capturing a picture too vary. 


This picture is taken in motion, A car passed by me very fast. I took this pic where you can see the light traveling

Tip #6 Clear to the subject 

Suppose you want to take a picture of puppy, have your ideas how to take a picture of puppy and how to present it to the audience

Tip #7 All about light

When you are about to take a picture,  make sure to notice the light.
If there is no proper day-light then use the white balance options in your mobile, set it to auto, day light, tungsten depending on the situation.

"In this picture, i used day light options in white balance"

Tip #8 Avoid zoom
People get annoyed when seeing this. Zoom is one of the best feature in the mobile. But it must be used at the right time. Whenever you use zoom the resolution is affected and the clarity of the picture is worse.

Tip #9 Don't throw away your mistakes

Many take a picture and feels it, might not have come the way he wanted. So people delete the picture. We might not known the beauty of the picture at that instance.

Tip #10 Travel a lot

If you are interested in photography, you should travel a lot. The more places you visit the interest in photography grows more wider!

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