200 post mobile photography

Hi today the blog reached 200th post :)
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Many friends who have motivated and inspired me a lot. One such friend is Ratheesh. You can check out his tweets here

In depressed moments comments motivated and inspired me take photographs. Few are listed below:
I learned to appreciate mobile photography through your pictures. You often made me realize after all camera is not important

How nice. I like to wish all success in photography and life

Your a good story teller

Dave G
Some are very nice photographs. It shows eye is far important than the technology! Well keep taking your shots

Excellent blog, to be a good photographer let your heart speak through your photos.

Subhorup dasgupta
Very nice photographs. Recently discovered the wealth of a phone camera.

Very beautiful photographs compliment from an Italian

Minimum the editing, the better photographer you are

Sabrina Napier
It is a nice deviation from the normal color pictures and it puts the focus on the entire picture as a whole instead of having specific accents. I very much like yours! If I had taken it I would frame it and put it in my entry way! Good job!

Thank you for making it happen.