story through pictures

Me: My mobile camera needs you!
       Look at the camera 

Cat : done!

Me : I Like it
Today is a big day for you
You should eat something
Cat: Milk will do!
cat: wow! That's the milk i needed
oops! drank them all.
feeling sleepy
Me: Oh No!
Me: wait, wait!

Me: No! No!
So You are done
You are going to do something
That no cat has never done before!
Cat : What's that
So is a surprise!
I will bask in sun and regain my energy!
Cat: i got energy
I'm back!
Me: There are invaders in our home!
Cat: oh no!
Let me scare them!

 Monkey: Run for your lives!
Oh god let me into this hole
Me: you did a good job!
Are they all gone?
Cat: let me peek
 Cat: They are all gone
Me : cat to the rescue!


  1. very nice post
    Keep up your good works
    cannot wait to see more of it!

  2. hahahaha nice one
    its really cute!!

  3. @sona
    Big thank you!
    I had a dilemma whether to post the story,
    But now there are more page visits!

  4. @punam
    Yes a cute story with pictures

  5. after i read this, i have no words to describe it.
    Its almost like watched a cartoon.
    Your a good story teller

  6. @blaze_777
    thank u
    back in the days, i watch a lot of cartoons
    so i made a cartoon touch in this!

  7. What a story you weave through the pictures! It would have taken some effort to chase the cat all around?

  8. @mridula
    Thanks for commenting mam
    You're a professional.

    As i watch a lot of cartoons in my childhood days
    I framed it as a story

    Cat is quite adaptive to me.
    Cat has a strange looks on the mobile camera.
    Even the cat too liked this post!

  9. Mamaa gettuu poo....Nee enga erukka vendiyavanee ellaa

  10. Really nice and so cute little kitty!!!!

  11. @Maggelis
    I can see the cat in your profile picture.
    Thanks for commenting
    Coz there is many page visits for this cat story,
    hardly few have commented.

  12. Replies
    1. Ya, as the cat is adaptive to me.
      The story came fine

  13. Wow, i am getting too much of visits for this story (0_0)
    thanks a lot people

  14. Rarararararara CAT MAN.

    nice job man.


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