In motion

panning image of a bus
hi guys,  i was walking in the roadways to my home.  I thought to take a motion photographs like panning. so took this one hope u like this

karthigai deepam 2011

Happy karthigai deepam everyone. Took this picture one hour ago.
If u want to see last year karthigai deepam 2010 click here.

New Born Beautiful Leaves

Took this picture early morning, I was wondering what must be done next. My dad left his glasses in his room, so i went upstairs to his room. Saw this beautiful plant, the angle may be disturbing but a fine shot. This is the way i saw this plant so i took a shot similar.

majestic shine of a leaf

Well my mini-project is over. I liked to spend few hours in college. I thought to take a pic of sticks and stones, But to my astonishment a leaf of a tree came floating by and landed in the stone. As it was 2'o clock in the afternoon. Bright shine of sun glittering on the leaf made it majestic!

innocent puppy

I was busy doing my project, and today is review. Having all the tension, i went to take a picture. Yes photography gives me peace. And i saw this innocent look of puppy. The eyes of puppy have a story. His mother died in an accident. It is been helped by the strangers in the street.
And an another thing is the tail, see the tail and its angle!