plants reaching the sun

Kid: is that real, that sun flower gets energy from sun and rain.
Me: yes, i guess so
Kid: then show me!
Me: so i dropped by this.
Few may feel mysterious about the way i took, leaves were curling across the wires. I took it from a top angle, such that it appears to be reaching it!
Other tips for mobile photography

different views of a flower

Today i took a beautiful picture of a flower through my friends mobile, Samsung and camera model is GT-B7300. The first picture is taken in a aerial view, where the pollens are visible
This picture, i want to show the flower from the top angle. so i concentrated on a single one. And of course the background makes it more apt.

And no editing as-usual!

bench drawings of tiger


As i was gazing in a empty class room, saw some beautiful drawings in bench, awesome sketch took a snap, and there are lots to come...